Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm One - Minnie Mouse Style

I knew for a while I wanted to do a Minnie Mouse (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) party for my daughter when she turned one.  We did a Mickey Mouse party for my son this year for his 2nd birthday and it was such a hit, plus she's just as into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as he is.  I was shopping, browsing the fabric department and saw the perfect Minnie Mouse fabric in my daughter's best color.  Pink with white polka dots.  I immediately knew I was going to do a skirt, then I started planning her first birthday shirt, but since I didn't have any iron on transfers to do a cool shirt like my son's first year shirt (had his name, birth date, party theme and some other cool things), I was going to use my fabric paints to decorate her shirt and then put a cut out of Minnie's head with the polka dot fabric, but I let that go when I found that some ribbon I had at home was the exact same color as the fabric.  So her outfit was born...

I used her Minnie Mouse ears from her halloween costume and cut off that bow (refashioned it to clip in her hair for future outfits too), and attached a bow I made with the same fabric as the skirt.  After her party I removed the bow and attached it to a clip so she can continue to wear it with the skirt and not have to deal with the ears every time.  I made the skirt very simply by connecting two rectangles of fabric (the full width of her skirt and 9 inches long), hemming it, attaching a 1/2 inch elastic the size of her waist, and doing a quick pleating with white satin ribbon which I attached to the bottom of the skirt.  I didn't measure the pleats, just eyeballed it and I think it turned out great.  For her onesie, I ruffled some textured ribbon I had and attached it to the shirt in the shape of a 1.  It took 3 pieces of ribbon and I heat set the ends so it wouldn't fray in the wash (one of my pet peeves).  Now that her outfit was done I attacked her bib.  I couldn't find a good 1st birthday bib at the store, so I decided to tackle it and make my first ever bib.  I used a cream fabric I already had and a hand towel and quilted the two together to make the front, then I stitched on some black thin ribbon I had to say "I am" and the same textured ribbon as a "1".  I attached the same polka dot fabric to the back and created my own bias tape with extra fabric to stitch it all together, added hook and loop to the neck pieces and I was done.

My little Minnie with her ears. (I didn't make the tutu underneath, just had it on hand and thought it made the outfit).

Her bib just before cake (don't worry the stains came out very easily so I still have a great bib).

And her outfit without the ears, and showing off her onesie.