Thursday, May 19, 2011

Swimwear Giveaway

Today I stumbled across Sugar Bee Crafts and found an exciting giveaway.  Go check it out before Friday around noon.  You could win an awesome gift card to Hapari.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Brighten Up Any Mother's Day

I wanted to do something new for our moms for Mother's Day this year and something involving the kids, with materials I already had.  I saw (sorry, can't remember where - if it was your idea, leave a comment and I'll put in the link) an idea for Easter egg sun catchers using clear contact paper and colored tissue paper and letting the kids rip and stick down the paper how they want.  That doesn't work when you only have white tissue and Christmas themed tissue, or with a 2 year old and 1 year old.  So I decided to modify it for my kids and my supplies...

Enter the Heart Sun Catcher

Have your kids color a piece of white tissue paper with markers and crayons (the markers really showed up the best, but a combination makes for great variation in the finished product).

Cut out the shape you want from clear contact paper - hearts for us - in two sizes, one of the large size and two of the small.

Tear the tissue into strips, sections, whatever you want and crumple it a little as you stick it to the sticky side of the contact paper.  Keep going until you cover the contact paper.

Trim around the contact paper so all you have is your original shape.

Punch holes in the shapes where you want them to attach to the string/ribbon, and thread it through.  Put a loop at the top and you're ready to hang it up


Or wrap it in more tissue paper and put a sweet message on the front.  Our message was on two pink hearts "You Brighten Our Lives, We Love You" was on one and "We hope you enjoy the extra color our hearts add to your window" was on the other.  It was a big hit!!!