Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Daddy Dates by Greg Wright

I knew that "Daddy Dates" by Greg Wright would be a good book for my husband to read before I even opened the cover, but I never expected to grow as a mother so much from just one book.  I had so many ah-ha moments throughout the book, not only for dealing with both my son (2.5 years old) and my daughter (1.5 years old), but for my growing up years.  I found myself many times thinking, yeah, that's totally what I was needing then.  And also found myself seeing so many things through my own Daddy's eyes, and being even more appreciative of all our daddy-daughter trips and nights out growing up, and looking forward to more of my own Daddy’s dates.  This book really hit home for me and I can't wait to see my husband and daughter (and future daughters) enjoy the Daddy Dating process.  Mr. Wright might not be done raising his girls yet, but he has set the foundation for honesty and trust in him and themselves, which is so important for any woman, no matter her age.

I highly recommend this book to any parent, no matter the age of your daughter, 2 months or 20 years old, “Daddy Dates” brings home to the reader the importance of instilling self-worth in your daughters and teaching her what she should expect from men who pursue her… and that yes, she should expect men to pursue her (at least the ones worth her time).

*I received this book for free in exchange for my unbiased review through the Thomas Nelson BookSneeze Program.

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